2 Weeks Unlimited Classes

Experience two transformative weeks at the Village! With small classes and expert guidance, you can explore pilates, yoga, and fitness in a space that celebrates mindful movement and community. Grab your Trial Offer today!

2 Weeks Unlimited Classes

Enjoy small classes and expert guidance for pilates, yoga, and fitness. Grab your Trial Offer today!
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Village Wellness is the home of safe & inclusive exercise options for everyone…

Village Wellness

What is Village Wellness?

Village Wellness is a sanctuary for integrated health and wellbeing for everyone in all stages of life. Experience comprehensive wellness routines, including our trusted pre and post-natal services, alongside specialty classes for over 50’s & 60’s and everyone in-between.

Our services span Mindful Movement with a focus on Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Fitness, as well as Holistic Therapies like Massage, Kinesiology and Ayurvedic medicine – tapping into ancient wisdom for modern healing. We are passionate about movement, wellness and community with Heart.

In a world of growing franchise fitness with a ‘quantity over quality’ approach, we offer the community an alternative. Our team are all qualified AND experienced, because we believe this matters. Village Wellness provides personalised, hands-on care in our boutique studios – where you can enjoy ‘feel good’ movement and small class sizes, knowing you’re in good hands.

Our additional Maternal Care services includes Hypnobirthing Courses, Postpartum Midwifery Care, Mother Circles and free monthly Mother Gather sessions, to support mothers on their transformative journey. We also offer comprehensive Parenting Support, including programs like the successful Aware Parenting method to empower families with effective strategies.

We’re excited to support your path to wellness.

Village Birth is still here…

Our dedication to supporting mothers remains as strong as ever. We are still providing all our specialty Village Birth classes & services in the schedule. We know that experience matters when it comes to pregnancy, birth and motherhood and we still provide the best quality instructors around who are certified in pre and postnatal care. We’ve got your back! 

Who is Village Wellness for?

Who is Village Wellness for?

Village Wellness is for spirited teens seeking a balanced, active lifestyle. Our programs are designed to support teenagers’ physical growth and mental focus, helping them navigate these vibrant years with resilience and vitality.

We continue our dedicated service to expectant and new mothers at Village Wellness. Our offerings provide holistic support during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, nurturing the mothers’ health and wellbeing on their remarkable journey.

Village Wellness is for anyone striving for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Our comprehensive wellness routines provide holistic tools for mind-body fitness, resilience, and personal growth.

We are here to empower those seeking an active and fulfilling lifestyle, even when the exuberance of youth has taken a backseat! Our programs are designed for individuals to maintain physical and mental vitality, and cater to the unique experiences of peri, menopausal and post-menopausal women.

We’d love to hear from you!

    We’d love to hear from you!

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