Slow Flow – Mon 11:30am & 5:30pm, Wed 9:30am, Thurs 9:30am

Perfect if you are looking to unwind and recharge. This class is a mellow flow that cultivates awareness, strength and mobility through slow, focused movements with attention to breath and alignment. The class includes floor work, mindfulness and a focus on relaxation.

Expect to be guided through a nurturing practice that will begin with pranayama breathing techniques before transitioning through a sequence of postures. Depth and complexity are layered to lengthen and strengthen major muscle groups.

*Suitable for beginners

Vinyasa Flow – Wed 7am

A dynamic, flowing practice to build strength and agility. Expect to create heat from the inside out. This class has a focus on finding balance and freedom within poses, leaving you feeling mindful, strong, empowered.

You will be guided through creative and inspired sequences that will begin with relaxation and breath work before moving into a dynamic, flowing standing sequence, a wind-down sequence and finishing with everyone’s favourite final relaxation, savasana.

*Suitable for those with some yoga experience

Yin Restore – Mon 6:30pm, Tue 7:30pm & Fri 5:15pm

A tranquil class to help you truly stop for a while. Yin yoga is a slow, grounding and deeply introspective. Integrated in the longer, more passive holds is a meditative awareness of breath, mindfulness and presence.

This class targets the connective tissues of the body – the tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. You will emerge feeling soft, open and deeply calm.

*Suitable for beginners

Slow to Yin – Thurs 5:30pm

A combination of slow moving sequences to begin with to bring awareness & strength to the body, followed by longer holds and more stillness as the class progresses. Bringing balance through movement and stillness means both body & mind gain the benefits of this class, leaving you feeling energised, calm and nurtured in the same session (a staff fav!)

*suitable for beginners

Gentle Yoga – Sat 8:30am 

These classes move a little slower, offering intentional cues to guide and support you.

Blending accessible hatha yoga style poses, some pranayama (breathing), slow flow movements, as well as mindfulness – gentle yoga is a beautiful mixed class that’s accessible and inclusive for all folks. Age, injury, illness, fatigue, disability, or skill level are not barriers to participation. Great for anyone new or unsure of yoga. Our community is safe, judgement free and supportive.

Prenatal Yoga – Tue 6:15pm

These classes are for women at all stages in their pregnancy. A mother needs a Village and we believe making time for self care in pregnancy is important. Prenatal yoga strengthens the body in preparation for birth, calms the mind, relieves aches, pains and stress. It also encourages optimal positions to create space for baby during labour and helps us to use our breath more effectively. These classes are suitable for absolute beginners through to seasoned yogis.

Mums, Bubs & Tots Yoga – Tue 10am

Doing yoga with your baby is a beautiful opportunity to leave the house for some quality bonding time, while also regaining strength, moving your body and connecting with other mummas. Yoga supports a faster postpartum recovery, increases energy, relieves aches & tension, helps to regulate the nervous system and encourages better sleep. These classes are now open to tots which can become a little bit of a juggle at times, but we just work with whatever is happening and try to keep you moving!

Both in-person and live online options can be booked, as these are ‘hybrid’ classes – meaning you can attend in the studio face-to-face or zoom in live from home for convenience. You can book the whole term or casually – we like to make it as flexible for you as possible Mumma!

Suitable for all mummas from 6-8 weeks postpartum.

experienced guidance

Our Teachers

Our Yoga classes are taught by qualified, experienced and down-to-earth teachers who value your wellbeing. We are blessed to have some of the best yoga teachers in Torquay on our team to maintain the quality and care we are renowned for.

All teachers are warm, friendly and approachable and will check in with you at the beginning of each class. Our philosophy is all about movement with heart & community and we are proud to offer you a beautiful, warm and calming studio that feels like you are on retreat. It’s all about the little things and we have them covered for your comfort.

Slow down, breathe, connect…

yoga & mindfulness

Scientific studies have proven the many benefits of practising yoga throughout all stages of life, supporting our belief that connection between the mind, body and breath is important for our wellbeing.

Village Wellness supports healthy mind-body practices, as they go hand-in-hand. We know that when we make time to move our bodies, our mental health is always better as well. We offer several different yoga class styles so everyone can stay connected to healthy habits, as well as a community.

Our classes are a lovely way to slow down, de-stress, become present, to stretch, breathe, relax and connect. They are also perfect for getting stagnant energy in your body flowing again for vitality. Yoga also helps balance hormones, relieves tension, stress and anxiety, and prepares your body and mind for birth. Yoga is for everyone so try a class today! Saying yes is the first step to better health and wellness.

energy and healing

Sound Immersion

Bathe in the sacred sounds of quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drum, wind gong, monochord and other harmonic healing instruments. Facilitated by our integral sound practitioner Ainsley, enjoy our free fortnightly 45 min Sound Immersion sessions on Thursday nights at 6:45pm. Let the sound frequencies restore balance within the body as a whole and clear any blockages in your energy pathways for optimal health and wellness. Book via schedule in advance.