Village Birth provides the ultimate studio for you to practise yoga feeling like you’re wrapped up in a warm, nurturing hug.

Recent studies have proven the many benefits of practising yoga during pregnancy and beyond for both mother and baby, supporting our belief that regular connection of our bodies to our mind, our breath and our babies is important for our wellbeing.

We offer yoga courses for both Pregnancy and Mums & Bubs. Our classes are a lovely way to slow down, stretch, breathe and connect. They are also a great place to meet other mums and connect over a cuppa afterwards. The Village is here to nurture the Mother in as many ways as it can.

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Our teachers

Experienced Guidance

Experienced Guidance

Our pregnancy courses are taught by Georgia from Intuitive Cycles, who is an experienced naturopath, massage therapist and yoga teacher. Our Mums & Bubs courses are taught by the highly qualified Kate from Matri Yoga, a doula with two decades of yoga teaching experience and a passion for pregnancy and motherhood. Both teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and bring so much to their courses and our Village.

We know you will feel the benefits for yourself by attending.

Energy and healing

Sound bath

We also offer something special and unique at Village Birth with monthly Pregnancy Sound Baths facilitated by certified sound therapist Ainsley from Arwoken. Ainsley is also collaborating with Georgia on our Pregnancy Yoga courses, so you get to completely bliss out! Float out the door after your class — this is really special.

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