mother circle

Sitting in a circle with other Mothers is a powerful tool to support your parenting journey. You are not alone.

Our journey as mothers can feel lonely and isolating at times, especially when we are choosing to raise our babies and children with parenting styles that are about connecting deeply with them.

Are you looking for a space to feel heard and held? Are you looking to make connections with other mothers on a like-minded journey? Maybe you don’t enjoy your own Mother’s group and are looking for something else?

We are meant to do this with a village or community around us. This is why the circle is here for you — to comfort, hold and witness you. To gift you the opportunity to be heard from a heart-centered place, and to offer you support on your mothering journey.

Circle & Gather


Mother Gather – FREE

Village Birth hosts free weekly Mother Gather sessions for mummas to come together, connect, get out of the house, sip a cuppa with treats, make new friends and share the trials and tribulations of motherhood in a safe and friendly environment. These sessions are great to check in, share stories, reassure one another, ask questions, let the kids play and feel part of a Village.

Sessions are not overly structured and are hosted alternative weeks by Danni, a certified Aware Parenting Instructor who is passionate about supporting mothers –  and Ali, a holistic Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Group Facilitator. Sessions are free but still need to be booked via our website for numbers and catering purposes.


6 Week Container

Mother Circle

Mothers and women have been sitting in circle for thousands of years where all of us is welcomed, embraced, held, loved and heard. To create true safety and vulnerability in our circles, we have created a deep container over 6 consecutive weeks each term that will address specific themes in motherhood, being a woman and empowering you to be the truest and most authentic version of yourself. The circle is guided by the Aware Parenting Paradigm and discusses support tools for the parenting journey. These circles will be limited to 10 special Mummas each term, so everyone has the time and space to share as much or as little as they decide.


*click on ‘courses’ to book 6 week container

Womens Wellbeing Circle – Monthly

Nurture & Nourish

We believe all women need a place to sit alongside other women in circle. Here they can explore sharing, feeling heard, feeling validated, feeling vulnerable and held in safety, healing wounds, learning about self care and connection to something deeper in life. Nurture & Nourish is our monthly wellbeing circle for ALL women to come together for some time out. With a monthly focus on self care, your facilitator Ali brings knowledge and wisdom from her wonderfully nurturing skillset as a Yogi, Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ecological Guide – to her circles. She plans something extra special and nurturing for you each month, where you will be held and guided in connection to self and others.


holding the


Being a Mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. The parenting approach for our Mother Circle will follow an Aware, Conscious and Connected Parenting paradigm with attachment-style leaning.

All mothers, mothers-to-be or any woman who connects with the word mother is invited into this space. Babes in arms (up to 6 months) are welcome and invited as special VIPs. Please leave older children at home so you can be truly present.


Get Involved

As the Village grows, our vision for the future sees the space humming with activity and offering all sorts of education, workshops, events, collaborations and treatments from our consulting rooms. We trust that our Motherhood Community will grow as it is meant to, and that we can support the pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys of each individual who is seeking a community.

Please contact us if you feel you have something to contribute to our growing Village, as we are always seeking like minded people wanting to do good work. Otherwise, let us support you.