Postpartum Program – 6 weeks 

This 6-week program has been designed by a postpartum exercise specialist to help you return to movement safely after the birth of your baby. Restore your pelvic floor and core first, then regain more strength each week over the course of 6 weeks to help you move well, feel good in your body and transition back into an active life again!

*We also work with a Womens Health Physiotherapist who can support you with a pelvic floor assessment for best outcomes, contact us for more info. *Join our ‘Strong Fit Mums’ classes when you are ready to progress to more dynamic exercise.

Prenatal FIT

Prenatal FIT is a small group personal training session offering you the gold standard in prenatal care. Want to maintain, or even gain strength in the specific areas that are relevant to preparing the body for labour, birth and the early demands of parenthood? Our Prenatal FIT classes are run by a pregnancy and postpartum exercise expert, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need in a safe environment. You will feel strong & confident in your body and it’s ability to birth your baby, as well as recover sooner in the postpartum.

Strong Fit Mums

 Wanting to start building strength in more dynamic ways as your kids grow, but still wanting that supportive element to ensure you are working with – and not against your body? This is the perfect class for women raising a family who want to be strong and energised by their exercise routine and not left in a crumpled heap! Convenient evening, post school drop and weekend class times available. Run by a womens exercise specialist who knows your individual needs.

CORE Power

Most of us need stronger cores, but what does that actually mean? Join this small group session to strengthen from the inside-out and challenge your deep stabilisers to activate from your centre – helping to reduce back pain, increase foundational strength and better posture. Using whole body functional exercises, weights and exercises that target your core – live life doing what you love, knowing you are strong enough!

Mat Pilates

Our Mat Pilates class focuses on toning and lengthening the whole body with exercises designed to strengthen your core foundation and increase functional movement from the inside out. Using body weight as resistance and small props to increase the challenge, you’ll know you’ve worked out after this class! *Pregnancy friendly

Cardio Sweat

Get the heart pumping and the endorphins flowing with this class! Upping the intensity with a cardio circuit is important for maintaining optimal cardiovascular health, as well as helping to minimise other health risk factors that are on the rise! This class gives you a fitness challenge that will leave you sparkling! Our classes are boutique and small in size for effective, supported workouts.

Small Group Personal Training

Our unique small group training sessions will have you doing strength & cardio exercises in a ‘feel good’ environment that’s not a gym! Small groups and experienced instructors mean we can tailor exercises to suit the individuals needs, goals and fitness levels. We need resistance training for everyday strength, and cardiovascular training for a healthy heart. Utilising a mix of equipment and body weight, this class will get you on track to feeling stronger in no time!


Love working out with resistance? Our strength class is dedicated solely to building strength in all muscle groups and increasing the load as you progress. Think heavier weights and lower reps for optimal strength gains each week. Everyone works at their own pace and at their own level, under close supervision by a qualified strength coach. Small class sizes means you are guided at all times and in good hands.

Balance & Stability Mat (50+)

Increase your balance, stability, and coordination. Get those proprioceptors firing (where the brain, body, and sensory systems work together to know where your body is in space) to keep you sturdy on your feet! A mat-based class using different props to get you feeling centred again. Lots of single sided exercises to strengthen weaknesses and imbalance in the body as we age.

Move Strong for 60+

Over 60 and looking for somewhere to maintain your physical fitness? We have a thriving community to support you! Learn the techniques to fundamental weight & strength training in your 60s and beyond – it’s never too late to begin! The latest research suggests that strength training alone provides the most health benefits for increased longevity & wellbeing, in the ageing population. Try a class and see what you think!

Healthy Hearts & Strong Bodies (50+)

A fun class to add to your weekly exercise routine! Maintaining cardiovascular health as well as resistance training is crucial to empowered ageing. Evidence shows us that we need to be doing a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week for optimal wellness, increased longevity and the best quality of life. This small group class will support you to reach that goal – and our experienced instructors will modify exercises according to your fitness levels. Everyone is welcome.

mat pilates & fitness

Moving your body in all different ways is the best way to gain strength, mobility and balance in everyday life.

Our mat pilates classes are designed to build on your core foundation and strengthen the whole body through a series of highly effective exercises that move the body in all different ways.

Joseph Pilates based his method on the principles of Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow. We aim to bring all of these to our mat-based pilates classes for optimal, total body wellbeing.