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After your baby is born the transition to parenthood truly begins. As much as we dream of what it’s like to be a mother while we are still pregnant, often our expectations don’t match up with the reality of what life is like with a newborn. As wonderful as it is to be a mother, it can also bring challenges in the early days.

Finding your way through matresence (the transition to motherhood), can feel like a rollercoaster at times. Your will have big hormonal shifts which can affect your emotions, your body is trying to heal and recover from birthing your baby, you will most likely feel sore for a while, be lacking in sleep due to feeds and be learning how to care for a tiny human with no guide book! It can feel overwhelming, and that’s ok.

Planning your postpartum support in advance is the key to giving yourself and your baby the best opportunity to thrive as a new family. Private Postpartum Midwifery Care is a service offered at Village Birth by our Nurse and Midwife with more than 25 years experience in caring for postpartum mothers returning home.

Jacinta specialises in this area and has extensive skills and expertise in optimising post birth recovery for vaginal and caesarean section, wound management, breastfeeding support, neonatal weight and jaundice assessment, newborn and infant settling and supporting women’s emotional health.

This is a private service and separate to any visits or appointments associated with your medical care provider. Jacinta also has the ability to give referrals if needed, without you having to seek out a GP. This service is a sure way to remain supported in the transition to motherhood, without feeling abandoned after the paperwork was completed and the boxes were ticked.

Jacinta has a warm and vibrant nature and values genuine connection with her clients. She always takes the time to listen and you won’t feel rushed during your visits. She is a wealth of knowledge and will bring the resources and reassurance you need to transition into Motherhood with confidence.

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Pregnant and not sure where to start with postpartum yet?

Why not book in a time to meet Jacinta and ask all the questions you have in person. This is the best way to meet her, discuss your needs, and find out more about how she can support you and your baby in the early days.

These appointments run at Village Birth in Torquay on Thursday evenings.