Birth and the transition to parenthood is life changing. It can encompass the most precious moments of your life, as well as present your biggest fears. Our birth support services are designed on an individual basis, to help the pregnant women and families on the Surf Coast feel informed, empowered, supported and prepared for their journey. Every woman has a right to birth as she chooses.

Evidence suggests that when a pregnant woman has a strong support network, her experience of birth and the transition to motherhood is more positive and satisfying.

What it means to have a positive birth is different for everyone. We help pregnant women and families understand exactly what it means for them, so we can provide just the right support, with care and attention.

Whether you want continuity-of-care before, during and after the birth of your baby, or a one-off private session (that is not offered by a medical care provider) to discuss any fears, learn birth techniques or gain extra knowledge before the day arrives, we are here to help.

“Talia supported my husband and I through our first pregnancy as our doula. From the moment we met Talia, we felt comfortable and supported. During such a new experience, Talia taught us about labour, trusting our instincts and helped us build a ‘tool kit’ of strategies to make the journey through labour calm and relaxed for all three of us. Talia helped my husband and I write our birth preferences reflecting what made us feel most comfortable, along with empowering my husband to feel confident he knew how best to support me. Thank you Talia!”

Gretta & Sean

Birth Preparation & Support

What is a doula?

The role of a doula is to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support – as well as evidence-based information, to birthing mothers and families. Their role is non-medical and purely supportive. They will advocate for you and your birth preferences and be there for you on your journey. They represent the village.

A connection is developed with your doula during pregnancy by meeting on several occasions (usually in your own home), which solidifies a warm and trusting partnership in the lead up to birth. Getting to know each other really helps a doula provide support specifically for your needs, making the experience as special and positive as possible.

Anyone can have a doula or birth assistant. Whether you are in the public or private hospital systems, private birth retreat or having a private home birth – we encourage you to explore how having a doula could help you. These services are supportive of, and complimentary to your care providers services.

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Do I need a birth assistant?

Birth your way

There are many reasons for having a doula or birth assistant attend your labour.

  • It considers all postural and physical changes in the body
  • All muscle groups can be isolated and worked safely

  • There is a focus on breath which helps prepare for birth

  • The deep core muscles are trained for optimal function

  • Pelvic floor muscles are taught to both contract and relax

  • Tension in problematic areas is released with the aid of controlled resistance

  • The reformer is supportive and easily adaptable for any level/body

  • It is the perfect balance of safe strengthening, stretching and breathing

  • Huge repertoire of exercises and modifications for variety

What we offer

There are several different ways to engage our birth preparation and support services. All options include an obligation free meet-and-greet either on the phone or in person prior to engagement.

You’ll also get direct access to other professional holistic support services such as pregnancy massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, perinatal psychology, pregnancy pilates and dads support – via The Perinatal Hub in Jan Juc.

We also offer add-ons to our Birth Support services so you can design the perfect birth preparation package just for you!

Hypnobirthing Course

$510per course
  • Split over 2 weekends in a stunning coastal eco retreat, with 12 hours of comprehensive content taught in a small group setting.

Hypnobirthing Private

$780per course
  • Full Hypnobirthing course taught in private including techniques and tools to reduce fear, reframe pain, access deep states of relaxation and create a positive mindset for a positive birth experience.

Private Pregnancy Pilates

$80per session
  • An initial assessment and 1-on-1 reformer pilates session. The ultimate way to get strong and enjoy your childbirth preparation, with personalised guidance from a professional.

The Doula Collective

Village birth support services are provided by Talia where possible, however due to the nature of birth work she can only support a certain number of families in any given month. Rest assured, we do have an extended group of wonderful women all working in this space, supporting each other, to help support you. We will do our best to find the right fit for your needs.