Pregnancy Reformer 

Join our specialised reformer class for pregnant people to gain strength, stretch, bend, breathe and prepare for birth. Run by qualified pre and postnatal experts, you can enjoy these classes knowing you are in safe hands. We will support your pregnancy through all trimesters confidently and help you prepare for the physical demands of birth and motherhood.

Mums & Bubs Reformer 

Bring your baby along and let us guide you safely back into exercise with the support of the reformer bed. This class supports new mummas with their post partum recovery – rebuilding foundational strength, pelvic floor & core function and brings new mums together. *Join in the free Mother Gather session after each Tuesday class!

Postpartum Program – 6 weeks 

Return to exercise safely. This 6-week program has been designed by a postpartum exercise specialist to help you return to exercise safely after the birth of your baby. Restore your pelvic floor and core first, then regain more strength each week over the course of 6 weeks to help you move well and feel good in your body again! *Join Mumma Fit classes when you are ready to progress.

Mumma Fit

A class for all Mummas who have completed the foundational Postpartum Program (or the equivalent of) and are wanting to build on their strength and fitness each week. Our certified postpartum trainer will have you exercising safely and help you reach your goals to feeling great in your body again!

balance and care

Baby’s first home

Did you know… we offer the only dedicated Mums & Bubs group Reformer Pilates on the Surf Coast?

Your body is the first home your baby will ever know. It is also the incredible vehicle that grows, nourishes and births your baby into this world. It makes sense to look after it pre and postnatal. Mums need this for their own physical and mental wellbeing, so put yourself first and connect with our Motherhood Village.

At Village Birth, the classes are small and intimate to provide hands-on support and quality instruction. Come as you are — sleep deprived, oily hair, ugg boots or crying baby — we will get you moving. Expect warmth, laughter, connection and down-to-earth conversations in a relaxed environment. It’s more than just exercise!

Let our experts help you strengthen, stretch, bend and breathe in all the ways that are relevant to pregnancy, birth and mum life.

There are many physical changes that occur to a body during pregnancy and new motherhood, which is why exercises need to be modified for safety and individual needs. Knowing you are being guided with attention, care and someone with experience is important.


“I started pilates with Village Birth when I was 4 months pregnant. It was a priority for me to stay fit throughout my pregnancy and I had heard that the reformer was amazing for functional movement and stability. Since taking two classes a week with Talia, my body and mind are now in a great place. Talia is a phenomenal teacher. She was able to modify the exercises for me when I started having pelvic issues later in my pregnancy and her warmth and kindness makes the studio a wonderful place to be. I’ve also met other amazing pregnant women there too! I can’t recommend her classes enough for staying well during pregnancy.”