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Village Birth has the only group reformer pilates studio dedicated solely to pregnant women and new mothers on the Surf Coast.

But… Village Birth is more than just a pilates studio. We have built a Motherhood Community and provide more than just exercise. Our unique Pregnancy Reformer Pilates classes are specifically designed to support women in both body and mind – for optimal health and wellbeing. Our beautiful studio is a safe, judgement-free and fun environment for mums to move their bodies, breathe mindfully, stretch and strengthen — and meet other expecting mums as well. Our village kitchen is well stocked with tea and cookies so you can make a cuppa, sit on the couch, soak up the good vibes and connect in your time!

We also offer the only dedicated Mums & Bubs group reformer Pilates classes in the region, and are proud to offer this service to the Surf Coast. We know you’ll feel the goodness when you walk in the door and meet other mum’s and babies already part of the Village! Show up as you are, sleep-deprived, oily hair, ugg boots or crying baby — we will help you get moving and love to cuddle babies if needed! Mums need this for their own physical and mental wellbeing, so put yourself first and join us. Come along, bring a friend and connect with our Motherhood Village!

*** Look out for ‘FIT & STRONG REFORMER’ classes for those ready to challenge themselves further! (not suitable for pregnancy or less than 12 weeks post partum).

Reformer pricing packs


$38 / session

Our casual rate for individual Reformer classes.

  • Book online or drop in

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best value

$340 / 10 class pass

The best way to support regular attendance and save money!

  • Valid for 15 weeks from date of first use

  • Offers flexibility and security in booking ahead

  • Includes member benefits

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$180 / 5 class pass

Great value! Book ahead to reserve your spot.

  • Valid for 8 weeks from date of first use

  • Offers flexibility and security in booking ahead

  • Includes member benefits

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mat pilates & fitness classes

Moving your body in all different ways is the best way to gain strength, mobility and balance in everyday life.

Our mat pilates classes are designed to build on your core foundation and strengthen the whole body through a series of highly effective exercises that aim to move the body in all different ways, and keep it functional for Motherhood.

We also offer more fitness based classes for Mummas who are wanting to increase their cardio fitness, as well as strengthen and tone the whole body. They are the perfect blend of pilates, resistance, cardio and pace – to leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more energised. These classes are for those ready to take their exercise to the next level and who already have a good foundation to build on.

Balance and care

Baby’s first home

Your body is the first home your baby will ever know. It is also the incredible vehicle that grows, nourishes and births your baby into this world. It makes sense then, to look after it.

At Village Birth, the classes are small and intimate to provide hands-on support and quality instruction. Expect warmth, laughter, connection and down-to-earth conversations in a relaxed environment. It’s more than just exercise!

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