womens health naturopathy

Specialising in hormonal balance, fertility, pregnancy and post partum support.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health that looks at the body’s natural functions of depletion, healing, restoration, and optimal vitality. A Womens Health Naturopath is a great asset to have on your health care team.

Village Birth offers women on the Surf Coast 1:1 consultations with Naturopath Georgia Prisco from Intuitive Cycles. Georgia is a passionate Womens Health advocate. Her knowledge of the female cycle and the body’s hormonal changes means she can help support your needs at any stage. Whether you are seeking fertility support, menstrual cycle support, or looking for more balance during pregnancy or the fourth trimester, Georgia offers holistic ways to restore optimal health to your body.

Initial Naturopathic Consultation

This is a thorough health assessment covering your primary health concern(s), health history and dietary analysis. The information collected will guide the development of a comprehensive treatment plan and prescription of necessary herbal or nutritional supplementation.

Please bring a copy of any current blood test results for interpretation (or email them through beforehand). If you do not have any recent results, we will discuss the necessity of these in the consultation and a referral letter to your GP may be included in the treatment plan.


Meet Sophie

With a double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology, Sophie has been practicing Chinese Medicine for 11 years at a variety of Multi Modality, IVF Support and, Natural Fertility based clinics in Melbourne, Geelong and Jan Juc.

Her area of expertise and passion lies in assisting women on their hormonal journey’s including
– Supporting pregnancy
– Supplementing the postpartum period
– Helping to regulate cycles for hormonal balance

She also enjoys treating Gut Health, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep and Energy issues. Sophie’s treatments are relaxing, so anyone busy or stressed always floats out of the treatment room feeling calm.

During a session Sophie will treat you with Acupuncture – and if needed Moxa, Cupping and Tuina Massage. Those who would benefit also take home personalised Herbal Medicine to continue their treatment.

Although Sophie loves all things natural, she strongly believes in the power of integrating her treatments with other modalities her clients need for optimal outcomes, such as GP’s, Psychologists, Exercise Specialists and other Allied Health professionals.

Sophie is available for appointments in the Village Wellness Clinic on Mondays and Private Health rebates are available.