Kids Yoga

Our kids’ yoga classes are playful, creative and fun. The focus is on allowing little yogis an opportunity to move their body in ways that feel good and to start to identify and connect more deeply with their emotional self. We use stories, music, games, nature based activities and craft to keep the classes engaging and to help explore mindfulness and personal development themes in interesting and age-appropriate ways.
Open to primary school aged children (approx 5-12yrs), all abilities welcome. Runs Tuesdays 4pm in the school term.

Teen Yoga + Wellbeing 

Join us as we create a safe, supportive and nurturing space for young people to gather, move, deepen awareness of their body and mind and grow and share with peers. Our gentle yoga + teen wellbeing classes help teens explore aspects of physical health and mental wellbeing and offer an opportunity to relax and unwind, build strength and flexibility and connect with other young people in the area. We cover a range of health and wellbeing topics in these sessions and are open to ideas and input from young people themselves to help make them relevant, interesting and effective. Open to high school aged youth (approx 13–17yrs), all abilities welcome. Runs Tuesdays 5pm during the school term.

Teen Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is great for the growing body – teaching core activation, flexibility, all over strength & even a bit of cardio as we increase the tempo of certain exercises! It’s fun and teenagers love it! We create a safe, supportive and fun environment for young people to gather, gain awareness of their body through exercise & set up healthy habits early on in life!

Open to high school aged youth (approx 13–17yrs), all abilities welcome. Runs Wednesdays 5pm during the school term.

Teen Reformer Pilates 

This fun and challenging 45 min class is designed to support healthy growth and development in teenage bodies. Using the reformer, we focus on strengthening the main muscle groups as well as stretching tight muscles and addressing core & posture. These classes are excellent for sporty teenagers, as well as those who are not sporty and haven’t found their exercise ‘thing’ yet! With lots of positive physical and mental health benefits, get your teen moving with us in a safe and supportive environment. Classes run Mondays 5pm in school terms and can be booked as the whole semester (preferable for accountability and motivation), or booked casually each week.*ages 13-18

experienced guidance

Our Teachers

Our Kids and Teens classes are taught by qualified, experienced and down-to-earth teachers who value your child’s wellbeing and have a WWC certificate, as well as experience working with this demographic.

All teachers are warm, friendly and approachable and will check in with your child at the beginning of each class to meet them where they are at on the day. Our philosophy is all about feel-good movement with heart & community and we are proud to offer a beautiful, nurturing & fun studio that your teen will love coming to each week!

Happy Body, Happy Mind…

yoga, pilates & mindfulness

Scientific studies have proven the many benefits of exercise throughout childhood and teenage years for optimal physical and mental health. As they grow and develop, learning healthy habits like using regular exercise to support any stress, anxiety and increase energy levels – is setting them up for a healthy life. Practising yoga and pilates also supports our belief that connection between the mind, body and breath is important for our young people to learn as a lifelong skill.

Village Wellness supports healthy mind-body practices, as they go hand-in-hand. We know that when we make time to move our bodies, our mental health is always better as well. We offer both yoga and pilates classes for teens and encourage them to try both as they compliment one another beautifully.

Our classes are a great way for kids and teens to slow down, de-stress, become present, to stretch, breathe, relax and connect. They are also perfect for getting stagnant energy in your body flowing again for extra vitality. Yoga and pilates also helps balance hormones, relieves stress & anxiety, builds strength and resilience and is a fun way to get active!

let us support your teens…

Teen Wellbeing Sessions

Are you a school or community group looking to host a wellbeing day for kids or teens? Let our team guide them through a private, tailored Movement + Mindfulness session just for you.  We often run these events in collaboration with school groups, designing each session to meet your specific wellbeing brief. Our services can include gentle yoga, mindfulness, self enquiry, self care, stillness, mindful movement, sound immersion, pilates and more. Our qualified teachers have experience in youth work as well, and understand how to engage with this demographic effectively. Contact us for more information.