Hypnobirthing can result in a calm and positive birth experience for both mother and baby

The Village Birth Way

Pregnancy and Childbirth are natural examples of your mind and body working together to ‘do their thing.’ When we can approach birth as something very normal, we become empowered in our bodies, we become part of the process we were innately designed for.

Your body becomes the first home your baby will ever know.

Why we chose hypnobirthing

Village Birth was created by Talia, a movement specialist who has worked with bodies in the Pilates and Allied Health industry for 15 years. She has a keen passion for supporting pregnant and post-partum women who want their baby’s first home (your body), to be strong, functional, nurturing and prepared to meet your physical needs as a new mother.

Her fascination with human behaviour also led to years of facilitating retreats and workshops aimed at helping people understand themselves better on a deeper level, growing their mindset, personal relationships and strengthening their mind-body connections for more conscious living. Positive birth experiences are supported by both a strong body and a strong mind.

Over the years Talia observed that a high rate of pregnant and post-partum mums lacked quality information and support, to assist the physical and emotional recovery after childbirth. Most of the information handed out refers to medical advice or the baby, not to the mothers health, healing or heart.

Pregnant and new mothers have a right to good quality support. The transition to motherhood is huge – much bigger than systematic, itemised checklists or statistics.

A holistic approach

A new mother already experiences an increase in physical demands – add in lack of sleep, more sitting, lots of carrying, hormone levels changing, dealing with nappies and leaky breasts- the last thing on her mind is herself! Her healing wound, her pelvic floor, preparing nourishing meals, her ability to ask for help or some time out – UNLESS she has guidance.

Village Birth Hypnobirthing courses are delivered by someone who understands normal biomechanical function in a woman’s changing body, how to work with it for optimal outcomes in both pregnancy and childbirth, and the importance of a positive mindset for positive experiences. Talia is also a trained birth doula and combines her knowledge of supporting the birth process in her delivery of the course. She is known for her warm and friendly nature, leads with her heart and values connection, contribution and kindness.

This course is for anyone wanting to feel supported, informed, included, empowered, strong in both mind & body and prepared for a normal birthing journey, regardless of how the process unfolds.

All Village Birth hypnobirthing participants receive the following.

  • 12 hours of the latest evidence-based childbirth education delivered by a certified practitioner

  • A high-quality Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program booklet filled with resources to take home with you
  • The ‘Little book of Hypnobirthing’ eBook
  • Professionally recorded tracks to download and practice with

  • Home practise videos and resources
  • A bonus Village Birth ‘Positive Pregnancy Pilates’ video
  • A goodie bag with extra treats and surprises!