By practising pilates with Village Birth during pregnancy – you will strengthen, stretch, bend and breathe in all the right ways that are relevant to pregnancy and birth.

There are many physical changes that occur to a body during pregnancy and exercises need to be modified for safety. Knowing you are being guided with attention, care and knowledge is important.

At Village Birth, we tend to lean on the traditional side teaching the foundational principles of classical pilates where appropriate, particularly when it comes to pregnancy modifications and safe movement. Most classes end with a beautiful guided relaxation meditation to help condition a deep state of relaxation and calm in preparation for childbirth.

“I started pilates with Village Birth when I was 4 months pregnant. It was a priority for me to stay fit throughout my pregnancy and I had heard that the reformer was amazing for functional movement and stability. Since taking two classes a week with Talia, my body and mind are now in a great place. Talia is a phenomenal teacher. She was able to modify the exercises for me when I started having pelvic issues later in my pregnancy and her warmth and kindness makes the studio a wonderful place to be. I’ve also met other amazing pregnant women there too! I can’t recommend her classes enough for staying well during pregnancy.”


Balance and care

Baby’s first home

Your body is the first home your baby will ever know. It is also the incredible vehicle that grows, nourishes and births your baby into this world. It makes sense then, to look after it.

At Village Birth, the classes are small and intimate to provide hands-on support and quality instruction. Expect warmth, laughter, connection and down-to-earth conversations in a relaxed environment. It’s more than just exercise!

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Initial Consultation

$120per hour
  • Includes any necessary adjustments
  • Covers the basic principles of pregnancy pilates
  • Learn how to use a reformer bed safely and effectively

Private Session

$100per session
  • Refresh your memory or skills on the reformer bed
  • Gain more confidence before joining a group class
  • Be guided by a professional instructor with complete care and attention

Small Group

$30per class
  • Maximum of 4 pregnant mums per class
  • Small group maintains optimal attention to detail
  • Quality hands-on instruction

Other exercise compared

Why choose Pilates?

  • It considers all postural and physical changes in the body
  • All muscle groups can be isolated and worked safely

  • There is a focus on breath which helps prepare for birth

  • The deep core muscles are trained for optimal function

  • Pelvic floor muscles are taught to both contract and relax

  • Tension in problematic areas is released with the aid of controlled resistance

  • The reformer is supportive and easily adaptable for any level/body

  • It is the perfect balance of safe strengthening, stretching and breathing

  • Huge repertoire of exercises and modifications for variety

How will Pilates help me?

Traditional Pilates has a strong tie to postural balance and stability. This means looking at how each body has deviated from a neutral (or ideal) spinal alignment, assessing which muscles are overworking and which ones are perhaps not as functional as they could be, then using a specific set of exercises to help bring back the balance for optimal strength, stability and function.

We know that during pregnancy a person undergoes many big changes – physically, emotionally, hormonally and even spiritually for some. The spine changes shape as the baby grows bigger, hormones promote the pelvis to soften and open, ribs feel tight and constricted as the baby takes up more space inside, round ligaments holding the uterus in place may start pulling tightly on the abdomen, the lower back can feel a bit niggly and the pelvic floor has to work much harder with all the extra downwards pressure.

These physical changes may cause uncomfortable or painful symptoms in some people, so preparing your body for these changes in advance can make all the difference to your pregnancy and birth experience. Pilates is especially ideal for pregnancy because it works with deep foundational stability, strengthening and softening the pelvic floor muscles (it is important to be able to do both), body alignment so everything is in the right place, building strength in the areas that are needed for birth and early parenting, stretching all the tight areas safely with guidance and learning to breathe in different ways to work with your body.

The reformer bed is the perfect place to do pregnancy pilates because you are supported, movement can be adjusted easily to improve form, specific muscle groups can be isolated, it can be easily adjusted for all resistance levels, exercises can be modified simply and it is safe for everybody.

  • Time out for mum (self-care)

  • Bonding time for mum & baby

  • Stronger body and mind for birth

  • Pelvic floor function and knowledge

  • Connection with other pregnant mummas

  • Relaxation